Thursday, 8 November 2012

High School Homework Statistics

As the summer holiday came to an end, it came to my attention that I had not taken Israel for the planned vacation.  It was like a horror movie! My son is one of the greatest treasures of my life. Creating a strong bond between us is the least I can do. We had spent almost every moment we had together in guiding him on loads of homework. My heart went to my son. ‘Next summer will be different,” I promised myself. One of the goals of homework is exceptional grades. Nevertheless, high school homework statistics state otherwise. This analysis encompasses statistics for high school students and their resources, to help you regulate amount of time spent in homework.
High school homework statistics
 A national survey conducted by the University of Michigan in 2004, two thousands, and nine hundred American children spend 51% of their time in homework.
According to Professor Harris Cooper, Duke University, homework does not evidently improve academic achievement for students. As a rule, the tears, the sweat, and the frustrations that come with homework for school do not make Jonny a better reader. Cooper transcends to state that too much homework is a recipe for diminishing returns. Nevertheless considerable amount of homework, ranging from 6o minutes to 90 minutes, a night, is characterized by better grades. On the other hand, students spending more than 2 hours in high school homework end up with lower scores.

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Research states that students from countries that outperform students from the U.S such as Czech Republic, Denmark, and Japan, spend lesser time in homework. On the other hand, teachers from poor performing countries such as Greece, Iran, and Thailand tend to pile up homework for school on their students. If you are from one of the countries, do not take offence, I am just stating facts.
High school students should spend 1, 1/2 hours in homework. On the other hand, students should spend less than 1 hour. According to a review by the National School Boards Association’s center for Public Education, students with access to computer stand better chances to benefiting from homework for school.
Success on standardized tests is one of the purported goals of assignments. Nevertheless, tests are only one measure of learning. Homework is significant to exceptional grades in learning. Nevertheless, too much of homework for school is a recipe for damaged interest in learning, a strained parent- kid relationship, and an undermined curiosity for the kid.
Resources of high school homework statistics
Custom writing services are a significant of high school homework statistics. The internet is also another massive resource of statistics of high school homework. 

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