Thursday, 8 November 2012

School Homework Diary

It is important to help children learn how to be organized in their school and home work from an early age. The school homework diary, the homework planner and the school homework folders work well. In addition to helping students organize their work well, the school homework diary is used as a link between teachers and parents. Parents and guardians are should help children with their homework, or review their school work and comment on the diary every day. 
The design of a school homework diary is determined by the level of study and the school. For instance, in their lower classes, children are normally taught by one or two teachers. Together, teachers can plan the homework they will give in the entire term. In this regard, the school homework diary can be dated.
On the other hand, in their senior elementary school, children are taught by several teachers. It might be difficult for them to discuss what form of homework will be given. In fact, in some cases, teachers may not assign homework daily
especially when they are not certain the class has understood the concept taught. In this regard, it is advisable to have an undated school homework diary.
School homework folders are used to organize completed and undone homework. A good folder should have two pockets, one for completed homework and the other for uncompleted homework. Teachers have a responsibility of making sure children carry home their diaries and folders home, and parents and guardians have the responsibility of ensuring children carry their school homework diary and school homework folders to school. These two act as a reminder of the work students to do.  
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School homework folders are not only used for carrying home completed and uncompleted homework. They can also be used to organize assignments done in a term or a class. They are also useful for storing resources such as test papers and quizzes. These resources are essential for revision purposes or for future reference. Get the most suitable choice for the child to get maximum results.
Both parents and teachers need to help children understand that school homework diary and school homework folders are only used for school work. If or when children fail to report to school because they are unwell or for other reasons, parents need to communicate to the school by writing a letter, not through the school homework diary. Parents and teachers should model organization in all they do, because children learn best from observation.

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