Thursday, 8 November 2012

School Homework Folders

A common factor or denominator we all have is time. How adults use their time in their places of work, determines if they achieve their target or otherwise. How teachers use their time determine if they achieve the objectives of the term, and how students use their time determine if they perform in their final examinations. School homework folders are useful tools students and teachers can make use of to manage their time well.
A student can have one folder but teachers may have more based on the number of students they are attending to, and the number of classes. Both teachers and students use folders to show completed assignments and uncompleted assignments. Based on your academic studies, students can also have more than one folder but should be clearly labelled. Imagine a scenario where a child wants to do his/her homework but does not know what is completed and what is not yet completed. The time spent to figure out what to find where can be saved by use of school homework folders.
Children also have a short span of concentration. If he/she wastes time finding out what is already completed or otherwise he/she may not perform maximally in the homework, unless, with the help of interesting school homework games. If children have to do their assignments with the help of school homework games, the tools of the game need also to be organized. 
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Using school homework games in helping children do their homework and understand concepts taught in class is crucial. Children learn best through practical illustration. Children remember easily what they see and hear in the school homework games.
Both school homework folders and school homework games vary based on the level of study. School homework folders for senior elementary school may be designed to communicate on the importance of studying while school homework folders for juniors may have pictures drawn using warm colours to motivate the child and communicate that learning is fun.
On the other hand, school homework games for juniors may include songs and chants while seniors may have cross words to fill in after reading a comprehension and so forth. Any game or activity employed to help students learn should focus on helping them complete their assignments, and developing a critical thinking mind. Teachers and parents should actively use school homework folders and school homework games to help children develop organizational skills and internalize concepts taught in class. 

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