Thursday, 8 November 2012

Law School Homework

It is a prevailing horror story for first years in law school; being a freshman in law school will be one of your hardest moments.  It will be characterized by mountains of homework, sadistic professors, and ruthless classmates. The steep learning curves do come, but the experience varies from student to student and from school to school. Nevertheless, This analysis will provide you with profound law school homework secrets, to let you know that, it is not only possible to survive the mountains of homework in law school, but also possible to enjoy it, stay with me
Secret 1: comprehensive reading
Conventional wisdom calls for adequate preparation.  Prepare to spend comprehensive time in reading.  Prepare to visit libraries frequently, and make friends with your colleagues and
lecturers. They are significant reading materials. Again, research internet and file footage of court cases. Comprehensive reading comes with exceptional grades. 
Secret 2: time-honored Socratic method 
Some of the Law school homework such as case law are unique skills, that can only be perfected by practice.  As such, lecturers use time-honored Socratic Method to question students randomly in front of the classroom. While this time comes for you, it is natural and okay for you to feel like a deer caught up in the headlights. Nevertheless, do not forget that each of your classmates will freeze up under questioning when their time come, and he or she will only remember their personal moments of shame.
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Secret 3: work with no play makes John a dull boy
While the above statement may sound like a cliché, it is true. Despite the amount of law school homework that comes with it, working with no break is a recipe for personal misery and homework exhaustion, leading to low homework grades. Going for a movie, dance, or a basket ball game, once in a while, is a recipe for rejuvenation and morale to pull climb the mountain of school homework. 
Secret 4: law school homework sheets
Law school homework sheets are recipes to minimal time in homework writing.   A law school homework sheet is a piece of paper used for a rough draft of an issue.  It enhances time management.  Law school homework sheets can are also resources of knowledge of facts.  
Secret 5: attitude
Positive attitude is another significant recipe to exceptional grades. It is a recipe for morale in research and excellent grades. As such, no matter how overwhelming the task may be, have the attitude of being challenged as opposed to being tortured. It works wonders.

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